Tips For Improving Strategic Thinking

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Strategic thinking is that part of every job description that isn’t written down. It is one of the key skills required of top executives, and an essential for a company to perform well over time. With a bit of direction and the right techniques, anyone can become a better strategic thinker.

Below are a few tips to help you go about it.

  1. Be curious enough to leave your comfort zone. The more ideas and experiences we are exposed to, the more material we have to understand how things work. To be strategic requires a solid understanding of trends, the industry you work in, the broader environment, and business drivers.
  2. Be proactive about connecting with peers both in your organization and in your industry to understand their observations of the marketplace. This could mean attending seminars and conferences. Discussing your ideas with different people can help you look at problems differently.
  3. Read, listen, and learn, but take your own decisions. Strategy isn’t just about thinking, it’s also about executing. When you take a decision, stick with it and don’t continually question everything.
  4. Take time out to relax and think. Dan Norris, in his book ‘Create or Hate’, says “Most of our creative effort happens when we’re not working. Relaxation is the key to unleashing the power of creativity.” This is because ideas tend to flow when we are relaxed.
  5. Make friends by reaching out to people from as many parts of your organization as possible. Listen to them to understand their roles, concerns, and ideas. Building relationships like these will ultimately help you understand the organization better.
  6. Acknowledge that your ideas could be flawed. Remain self-aware enough to monitor your own thoughts. Developing an understanding and appreciation of opposing ideas, opinions, arguments or positions will develop your strategic thinking skills by creating an understanding of the whole picture.

Start to think about how you can be a better strategic thinker. What can you do differently? Are there questions you need to be asking within your organization?

Do share your thoughts with us.

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