Strategies for Delegating Work Effectively

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Delegation is important for maximizing your productivity and staying sane when there are large workloads. It gives you more time to focus on the things that matter while providing others with the opportunity to develop new skills.

Here are five strategies to keep in mind when delegating any task:

  1. Select the right person:
    Do not simply delegate to whoever has the lightest workload or the least busy person you can find. Rather, select the individual whose professional capabilities are the best match for the task you want to accomplish.
  2. Share your skills:
    Teaching your skills will enable you delegate the same task to the same individual in the future. Consistently delegating the same task will increase that individual’s aptitude for the task. The more you develop others, the more you are able to move up and take on more challenges (as well as opportunities) to develop yourself.
  3. Define expectations clearly:
    Be as specific as possible on the objective and outcome of a task. If you have strict deadlines or milestones, be clear about them. It’s a proactive strategy you and the other party will appreciate.
  4. Let go:
    Learn to let go and don’t feel so dedicated to completing your own work. This might stem from the fear that the other party may lack the skill necessary to execute the work effectively. Try to start small, delegate only the smallest tasks, and gradually work your way up.
  5. Trust, but verify:
    This involves getting and giving feedback on the status of a task. This should not be held-off till the end of the project. Trust the other party to execute the way he or she feels is best, but occasionally step to check on the progress. Both parties being consistently updated will help ensure the likelihood of deadlines being met.

What other helpful strategies have you found when it comes to delegating? Join us in the comments.