Stats To Keep In Mind When Designing Your Office

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With people spending more time at work than ever before, it’s important that offices are designed with optimal conditions in mind. Here are five stats to consider when improving your work environment and, in turn, employee engagement:

  1. A recent study found that a 20 minute increase in commute time is as bad as taking a 19 per cent pay cut. Next to low pay, a long commute has also been discovered to be a major cause of employees being stressed at work. The more workers can avoid the drudgery of sitting in traffic for long hours, the more likely they will love their jobs. So consider having your office in places with easy access public transportation even though it might cost more.
  2. When employees are less burdened with the guilt of leaving a pet alone at home, they can work with increased morale and productivity for even longer hours. So consider allowing your employees bring their pets to work. Permitted pets should be screened for health and behaviour issues while kept on a leash or within a set space.
  3. Recent studies found that being in the middle of a hectic office can both hinder employee performance and increase stress. In designing an office, it’s important to ensure quiet spaces are delegated for relaxation and private work. If a worker needs to focus on an assignment or even take a personal call, they should have somewhere to go to do so.
  4. Asides citing it as an important job perk, access to free food at work (or nearby places to eat like a cafe, bar, or break room) has been proven to make employees “very” or “extremely” happy. A recent survey indicates that employees who are offered snacks on the job have higher levels of job satisfaction than those who aren’t.
  5. Lighting has been found to decrease depression and improve moods, alertness, and productivity. If your office is a dull place with limited natural light, your workers might be snoozing by lunchtime. A report by the World Green Building Council found that workers exposed to daylight are 18 per cent more productive. So it’s important that your lighting design delivers the right atmosphere for employees to think, create, and collaborate.

Have you found the perfect design to increase your overall output? Share a few tips with us in the comments