Effective Strategies to Combat Procrastination

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Procrastination is the voluntary but counterproductive delay of an intended action. It means squandering time and postponing a task till it’s too late. Procrastination, being a threat to both personal and professional productivity, is often a major cause of stress and poor performance.

Combating this bad habit requires putting the following strategies to use:

  1. Set a timer to tackle a task for just 5 minutes. Getting started on a task is often the most difficult part, but once you’ve started, the brain’s desire to see it through should take over.
  2. Keep a categorized to-do list everyday. These categories should include tasks that are urgent, tasks to be done later, tasks that can be delegated, and tasks that aren’t urgent.
  3. Break up your work into smaller parts that are more manageable. Small tasks are easier to complete, require less time, and are less daunting to attempt.
  4. Do the hardest and most important tasks first. Don’t wait till you’re tired. The harder a task is, the more energy is needed to complete it.
  5. Strive to get your work done instead of poring over how to make it perfect. You can’t fix what doesn’t exist yet. The longer it takes you to get started on a project, the more your internal dialogue may work against you.
  6. Ensure your workspace is free of distractions. Different environments have different impacts on productivity. Your work desk should be clutter-free enough to aid maximum concentration.
  7. Don’t beat yourself up whenever you find yourself procrastinating. The more worked up you get, the harder it will be to refocus and start on the right task.
  8. Rather than use pleasurable activities to avoid work, use them as as a means of rewarding yourself after your work has been done.
  9. Give yourself a short deadline for each task on your schedule. Deadlines force us to get things done. An end in sight always makes work easier to accomplish.
  10. Take action immediately. According to Stephen King, “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.”

Are there other techniques you have for defeating procrastination? Please share with us.