5 Reasons to Dump Multitasking and Be More Productive

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Multitasking, according to Merriam-Webster, is the performance of multiple tasks at (the same) time.

Since the human brain isn’t designed to effectively function this way, multitasking is really just the brain rapidly switching through multiple tasks over a period of time.

As it has to reset itself every time this happens, such rapid switching would have a negative impact on the quality of work being done.

For 5 reasons to dump multitasking, here we go:

  1. It affects creativity:
    You can’t give yourself time to reflect and be inspired if you’re always running from one thing to the next. Devoting your attention to too many tasks at once will leave you with no temporary brain storage for creative ideas. Multitasking can also affect short term memory which may get worse as one grows older.
  2. It increases stress:
    Studies have shown that too much responsibility can increase stress levels. Doing several things at once and not completing any can result in self-esteem issues and depression. Studies suggest that multitasking on a consistent basis will force the brain to release a chemical called cortisol which, if chronic, can bring on heart diseases and diabetes.
  3. It is a waste of time:
    According to the American Psychological Association, multitasking creates mental blocks that can result in as much as a 40 percent loss in production time. Every time you switch between tasks your brain has to backtrack to find where it left off to correct errors caused in the process.
  4. It causes over-eating:
    Your brain cannot fully process what you’ve eaten if you are multitasking during mealtime. This means it may take you longer to feel full. For example, watching television and eating food at the same time is known to reduce taste perception. This may lead to another plate or snack that the body doesn’t need.
  5. It compromises safety:
    When your attention is all over the place, accidents and mishaps may be common. Workers who try to do too much at one time are more likely to make careless errors. It’s safer for you and everyone else to focus on one thing.

Are there other reasons to stop multitasking we should know of? Please share your thoughts.