4 Colours That Influence Employee Productivity

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Research has shown that colours influence employee behaviours, productivity levels, and attitudes. Asides making an office more pleasing to the eye, colours also affect us physically, intellectually, and emotionally. What colours are advantageous and which ones should you avoid? Let’s take a closer look: Red Red has been described as the most emotionally intense colour. Read More

5 Reasons To Add Plants To Your Office!

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Several studies have proven the benefits of having plants in an office. The benefits inspire people each day to add them to their office décor. Asides promoting well-being, five reasons you want plants in your workplace include: They help work-spaces stay attractive. Placing potted plants in various corners of your office will add to the Read More

Stats To Keep In Mind When Designing Your Office

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With people spending more time at work than ever before, it’s important that offices are designed with optimal conditions in mind. Here are five stats to consider when improving your work environment and, in turn, employee engagement: A recent study found that a 20 minute increase in commute time is as bad as taking a Read More

Tips For Managing A Busy Schedule

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Managing your schedule can be challenging and finding what works for you isn’t always a walk in the park. To stop working hours on end feeling like you haven’t made a dent on your to-do list, below are a few tips to keep you guided: Utilize a planner or agenda to keep track of your Read More