10 Ways to Stay Energized at Work

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Staying energized at work is a prerequisite for getting more work done without burning out.

Many people start their workday feeling refreshed, but by lunchtime they are irritable or desperate to go home.

For this reason, we’ve come up with a few tips for powering through the day… starting from when you wake up.

Here we go:

  1. Get enough rest. Feeling rejuvenated is your key to starting off the day on the right foot. To ensure that you recharge and relax properly, it’s important to put in 7-9 hours of sleep each night.
  2. Wake up to soothing, dance-able music instead of an alarm. This eliminates the tendency to want to hit the snooze button. Waking up becomes a gentle, invigorating process.
  3. Do light exercises to get your blood flowing. Working out has the propensity to increase your mental clarity for up to 10 hours post-exercise.
  4. Don’t skip breakfast. When you wake, it’s important to break your overnight fast with something to eat. Eating wakes up your metabolism and refuels the brain to get it ready for another day.
  5. Dress comfortably to be more at ease. Put on well-fitting clothes you know will allow you to breathe, sit, walk, and do all your normal daily activities without restriction.
  6. Brighten up your work-space for a world of difference. Lots of light can raise your alacrity and keep you from feeling drowsy. A bright environment is one recipe for motivation.
  7. Keep a proper posture. Focusing on improving your posture will improve your breathing and reduce neck or back pains.
  8. Take short breaks between work. Set a timer (like with the Pomodoro Technique) and take short breaks in-between to sit back and relax, stretch your legs, or grab a drink.
  9. Avoid getting drowsy in the afternoons by having lighter lunches with lower calories. Asides improving your energy levels, this has been found to improve health and retard aging.
  10. Drink lots of water. Dehydration can sap your ability to concentrate. According to research, drinking eight glasses of water (not alcohol) a day is quite reasonable. Comply with it.