10 Ways to Stay Energized at Work

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Staying energized at work is a prerequisite for getting more work done without burning out. Many people start their workday feeling refreshed, but by lunchtime they are irritable or desperate to go home. For this reason, we’ve come up with a few tips for powering through the day… starting from when you wake up. Here Read More

Tips For Improving Strategic Thinking

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Strategic thinking is that part of every job description that isn’t written down. It is one of the key skills required of top executives, and an essential for a company to perform well over time. With a bit of direction and the right techniques, anyone can become a better strategic thinker. Below are a few Read More

Easy Tips for Building Your Resiliency Muscles

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Resiliency is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. It’s the ability to bounce back from challenging events and overcome obstacles. To be resilient means to be flexible and to be able to adapt to new circumstances quickly. But how do you get up and thrive in a state of constant change? Here are a Read More

Practical Tips for Prioritizing and Accomplishing More

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Prioritizing is the first step when it comes to gaining control of your work responsibilities. To effectively prioritize involves knowing the difference between what’s important, what’s urgent, and what’s unnecessary. The tips below have been provided to help you plan your work and meet deadlines in the most efficient way. Take 10 minutes at the Read More

5 Reasons to Dump Multitasking and Be More Productive

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Multitasking, according to Merriam-Webster, is the performance of multiple tasks at (the same) time. Since the human brain isn’t designed to effectively function this way, multitasking is really just the brain rapidly switching through multiple tasks over a period of time. As it has to reset itself every time this happens, such rapid switching would Read More

Effective Strategies to Combat Procrastination

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Procrastination is the voluntary but counterproductive delay of an intended action. It means squandering time and postponing a task till it’s too late. Procrastination, being a threat to both personal and professional productivity, is often a major cause of stress and poor performance. Combating this bad habit requires putting the following strategies to use: Set Read More

Tips for Effective Email Communication at Work

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According to a study, the average worker spends nearly 30 percent of his or her workday reading and responding to emails. Attending to emails may be quick and cheap, but it can also present all manner of pitfalls. These often include using sloppy grammar and abbreviations. It is therefore imperative for emails to be both Read More

Strategies for Delegating Work Effectively

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Delegation is important for maximizing your productivity and staying sane when there are large workloads. It gives you more time to focus on the things that matter while providing others with the opportunity to develop new skills. Here are five strategies to keep in mind when delegating any task: Select the right person: Do not Read More

5 Common Distractions at Work and How to Handle Them

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To move fast requires releasing your brake and stepping on the gas. In the same vein, to make meaningful progress or impact requires identifying your distractions and eliminating them. Below are the five most common workplace distractions with tips on handling them. Lack of energy: To stay productive and maintain maximum focus requires managing sleep, Read More

5 Steps to Brainstorm Productively

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Brainstorming is the best roadmap for complex problem solving. It usually involves considering multiple ideas and narrowing them down into well-thought out recommendations. For a five-step process to help you facilitate a brainstorming session, keep reading. State the problem so all will understand it. What is the question to be answered or the problem to Read More